BIM VIZ was established in December 2020, is a company specializing in providing support services for the application of 3D/BIM Models to organizations such as investors, design consultants and general construction contractors in terms of transformation. change working method to BIM process.

Specializing in researching and consulting the latest graphic technology applications such as: BIM, VR, AR, 3D Touch, .. applied to bidding, design, construction and real estate projects.

In addition, BIM VIZ is an Outsourcing unit providing 3D/BIM model outsourcing services, architecture renderings and deploying technical drawings for a number of overseas companies and organizations such as Australia, Japan, ...

Company Profile

Why choose us?

BIM VIZ was established during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. For more than a year the city "locked down" to fight the epidemic, many companies have closed and stopped operating.

In the face of difficulties, we, with a young energetic and enthusiastic team, have accompanied our customers, implemented and completed many important projects and goals.

- 3000+ hours of BIM Modeling

- 30+ completed projects

- 8+ talented employees

- Applying standard procedures

- Fast and effective

- Cost savings for customers

Our Projects

Our process

We build professional service process, always listen to feedback from customers, exchange together to improve product quality.

BIM VIZ is a guarantee, and will confidently contribute to the success of your project.

Our clients

Our customers are organizations and businesses operating in the field of architectural design, construction contractors, real estate and investors in many different fields.

In the next time, BIM VIZ always wishes to cooperate with more customers to create more values for the community and society.